Welcome to cornerstone montessori prep school – Don mills campus

Give your child the opportunity to learn the right way!

Our goal is to transform ordinary lives into extraordinary ones through Faith, Leadership, Character and Achievement.   We also believe that a faith-based education will develop a strong foundation for character development; nurture leadership qualities by developing confidence, respect and moral integrity; and equip our students with the capacity to be effective citizens in society.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Children’s Primary Centre and Cornerstone Montessori Prep School is to educate students who, for the glory of God, are capable of achieving at or above grade level with reasonable effort in a traditional learning environment that prepares students for higher education while developing and implementing a Christian world view that permeates all of life.

Vision Statement:

It is the vision of the Children’s Primary Centre and Cornerstone Preparatory School that our graduates from our elementary and high school division possess a Christian world view that permeates all of life, are prepared for high school and college level studies

Photo Gallery & video

Browse photos & videos of our state-of-the-art Don Mills Campus and the great experience that awaits your child…

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